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Demos on Thursday 18th
Sónar 2009 | 22.05.2009

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NATIVE INSTRUMENTS presents Maschine featuring Sergio Patricio & DJ Turco
Native Instruments have just launched Maschine onto the market, for people who believe that producing rhythms is crucial. A perfect integration between the possibilities of powerful software and the advantages of a physical controller. This all achieves a perfect workflow and a flexibility far beyond what has so far been possible.

STEINBERG presents Cubase 5

Featuring Luca Iacomino (Business Development & Product Specialist for Spain)
How to create a beat using the new tools in Cubase 5: Groove Agent ONE, Beat Designer and REVerence. Excellent new ideas for one of the world's most widely used musical creation and production software packages.

ABLETON LIVE workshop featuring Exercise One

Ingo Gansera and Marco Freivogel (AKA Exercise One) will show us how they produce their music in the studio and how they perform it live. The duo will use Live 8 to show us how they work when composing the tracks that appear on their albums. Their appearance will be full of tips and tricks that are useful for both professionals and beginners, and will feature the first opportunity to hear some of the tracks from their new album, "In Cars We Rust."

ELEKTRON presents MachineDrum / Monomachine
Featuring Erase aka Daniel Troberg
“New DJ and remixing techniques in real time with MachineDrum and Monomachine”
A display of techniques for creating rhythms and grooves  using Elektron grooveboxes. The various tools and synthesis engines available in Elektron products for sound design will also be on display.

M-AUDIO presents Torq Xponent
Featuring Sergi Vila
“Advanced mixing techniques for the Digital DJ”.
Various techniques made possible by digital DJ stations will be on display, including use of samplers, looping, timestretching, VST effects and other techniques available exclusively on these new systems.

RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY featuring Hank Schocklee
Shocklee digs deeply into frequencies and is renowned for his dense ‘wall of sound’ approach to sample-layering. Being a DJ, the turntable has always been a fundamental part of the instrumentation, too. Hank  has recently been nominated for a Grammy Award for the soundtrack to Ridley Scott's 'American Gangster'. Come along to get some wisdom on beat machines all the way from the Roland 8000 to the MPC.

MIXVIBES CROSS featuring DJ Tillo
A demonstration of the use and possibilities of the new vinyl-controlled software MIXVIBES CROSS system, with a short session by Dj Tillo (Scratch Comando, Macaco, Ariana Puello, Payo Malo, Orishas...), one of the most renowned hip-hop turntablists, Djs and producers in Spain and beyond.

EKS OTUS DJ CONTROLLER featuring DJ Boogie Pimps
A demonstration of the spectacular OTUS controller for professional Djs. An introduction to the concept and applications of the OTUS DJ Controller. With special emphasis on creativity, using controllers as Dj tools.