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Demos on Friday 19th
Sónar 2009 | 22.05.2009

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EKS OTUS DJ CONTROLLER featuring DJ Boogie Pimps
A demonstration of the spectacular OTUS controller for professional Djs. An introduction to the concept and applications of the OTUS DJ Controller. With special emphasis on creativity, using controllers as Dj tools.

STEINBERG presents Cubase 5
Featuring Luca Iacomino (Business Development & Product Specialist for Spain)
How to create a beat using the new tools in Cubase 5: Groove Agent ONE, Beat Designer and REVerence. Excellent new ideas for one of the world's most widely used musical creation and production software packages.

ABLETON LIVE featuring Digital 21
Miguel López Mora (Digital 21) will show us how he creates his powerful live shows by combining Ableton Live 8 with hardware synthesisers, taking their performance to the limit and using advanced mixing functions in real time. A perfect combination of real instruments, live performance, real time warping, and sequence integration. He will also explain how to use video images simultaneously in a Live Set. A broad overview of the preparation for the presentation tour for "Outsider," the latest album from Digital 21.

ELEKTRON presents MachineDrum / Monomachine
Featuring Erase aka Daniel Troberg
“New DJ and remixing techniques in real time with MachineDrum and Monomachine”
A display of techniques for creating rhythms and grooves  using Elektron grooveboxes. The various tools and synthesis engines available in Elektron products for sound design will also be on display.

PROPELLERHEAD presents Reason/Record
Featuring Simon Grey “Musical creation and audio editing with synthesisers and virtual effects”
The creative tools, synthesisers and effects included in Propellerhead's software solutions will be on display.

RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY featuring Mulatu Astatké
Born in Ethiopia in 1943, Mulatu has spelled out his definition of 'ethio jazz' everywhere from Bonn's Beethoven Haus to Berklee to the Barbican. More recently, his music featured heavily on the soundtrack of Jim Jarmusch's 'Broken Flowers', while his mutual LP with London's Heliocentrics added an even funkier edge to this vibes and percussion player's classic catalogue. On the Academy couch at Demo Sónar, he'll speak and share about the history and legacy of traditional African instruments.

VESTAX VXM-600 featuring Wagon Cookin
A presentation of the new VESTAX VCM-600 MIDI controller for live electronic applications with Wagon Cookin, the electrifying project by the Garayalde brothers, who are in demand by remixers and clubs all over the world due to their fusion of jazz, soul, Brazilian beats, funk, house and club electronica.

AVID presents Pro Tools / Transfuser
Featuring Fermín Duran
Creating rhythms using loops with Transfusor and Pro Tools.
A review of the Digidesign/M audio product range for Djs and electronic music creation on the market, , as well as the creation and manipulation of rhythms and loops using the Transfuser plug-in and Pro Tools LE, including the Connectiv/Torq DJ mixing system.