Fibla + Árbol
  • Fibla + Árbol
  • Hidrogenesse
  • Metamembrana
  • Reactable
  • DJ Rupture
  • Del Palo Soundsystem: Griffi + DJ2D2 feat. Aqeel
  • Balago
  • Prefuse 73
  • d.a.r.y.l.
  • No-Domain
12th May, SonarSound NY
Sónar 2009 | 22.04.2009

Sonar is organising a day of special concerts and performances in New York in a very unusual venue in the city, the Baryshnikov Arts Center (BAC), with a top class line-up that combines multimedia art ideas with experimental electronica and latest generation pop, and which includes both Catalan and American artists.

Sonar's arrival in New York is thanks to a collaboration with the Institut Ramon Llull, as part of the events entitled “Catalan Days: Music and Media from Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

The SonarSound NY bill includes installations by Marcel·lí Antúnez and ReacTable, featuring Ikue Mori; the mysterious ambient of Balago; the soundtrack, performed live, by Árbol and Fibla for a film by Taiwan's Tsai Ming-Liang; the extravagant pop of Hidrogenesse; hip-hop in a trio format with the Del Palo Soundsystem; two sets by the Barcelona dj d.a.r.y.l.; the highly unconventional rhythm of the Americans (both ex-residents of Barcelona) DJ/Rupture and Prefuse 73; and visuals by No-Domain.



Marcel·lí Antúnez - "Metamembrana"

An ex-member of the Fura dels Baus who is internationally renowned for his mechatronic performances and his robotic installations, Antúnez has been displaying his interest in the human condition in his montages for many years. Metamembrana, the last of these, is no different. Metamembrana takes its inspiration from flamenco performances and is an audiovisual installation with tremendous interactive potential, consisting of a central projection and several interfaces, in which the role of the viewer is crucial.


ReacTable featuring Ikue Mori

The ReacTable is a collaborative electronic musical instrument, with a touch-sensitive interface based on a board, and is inspired by the modular synthesisers of the 1960s. The instrument was developed by the Musical Technology Group at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, and Björk purchased one of the few ReacTables in the world to use on her world tours. In this case, there will be a special set designed by Japanese musician Ikue Mori (DNA, Massada and regular collaborator of Mike Patton and Sonic Youth, among others).


Fibla + Árbol

Fibla (spa.RK) and Árbol (Emilii Records), two of Spain's leading electronica musicians, accepted the job from the Barcelona Asian Film Festival (BAFF) of setting to music “Goodbye Dragon Inn,” have set music to the enigmatic film by Taiwan's Tsai Ming-Liang. When performing live, they are accompanied by the violinist Sara Pérez, while the two artists take care of keyboards, xylophones, and percussion, as well as their laptops.


Del Palo Soundsystem: Griffi + DJ2D2 feat. Aqeel

Two cases full of funk wisdom, fresh rhythms and the world's best hip-hop for a head-to-head session bringing together two icons of the Spanish scene. Griffi, half of the essential Sólo Los Solo and the man behind the recent and highly nutritious “Strictly Jabugo Series Vol. 1”, arm in arm with the multi-faceted DJ2D2. A true luxury for lovers of high quality breaks. The pair will also be helped by the presence on the microphone of Aqeel, one of the safest bets in the Del Palo label.



They thrill you at first sight, and there is no answer to their extremely dreamlike repertoire, on the edge of twilight. Shimmering along an imaginary line between calm and desolation, play and drama, Balago constructs a sonic and visual canvas that is based on rhythmic abstraction, and ends up producing 100% inflammable material. The best example of this is their latest work, “d’aquii”, an extremely beautiful ambient treatise with a disturbing and radical edge. Experimentation, constructive electronica, post-rock essence and of course, a whole lot of risk.



Dj/Rupture is a dj unlike any other, both because of the content of his sets and his approach to the art of mixing. His latest album, the fabulous "Uproot", received excellent reviews in the specialist press and was named one of the ten most important albums of 2008 by Pitchfork, the prestigious North American website. Dj/Rupture lived in Barcelona for a long time, and his relationship with Sonar goes back a long way. A particular highlight was his collaboration with OCB at the festival in 2005.


Prefuse 73

Guillermo Scott Herren is a true cubase virtuoso, and a master of the most innovative and twisted instrumental hip-hop, an essential genre for lovers of the digital age. He had just released his new album, “Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian”, once again on Warp. His father is Catalan and Barcelona is his adopted city, and Sonar is probably the festival he has played at on the most occasions. Herren is very prolific, with many different projects on the go simultaneously; among these is Savath & Savalas, a collaboration with the Catalan vocalist Eva Puyuelo.



Thanks to a case full of explosive rhythms (including Chicago house, braindance, acid, minimal, electro and melodic techno), he earned the spot as resident DJ at Barcelona's club, The Loft. He has recently launched his career as a producer in two different directions: corrosive and danceable house with The Requesters and adventurous electronica with Hivern.



Extravagant, unique and iconoclastic, the duo consisting of Genís Segarra (who is also half of Astrud) and Carlos Ballesteros has won over an audience that appreciates the originality and quality of their intelligent pop with a bizarre touch. “Animalitos”, and its sequel “Bestiola,” the group's previous two releases, show that they live in a very spacious world of their own, and it seems they still have a lot more of it to show us. What's more, their live show leaves nobody indifferent. Hidrogenesse are very special indeed.



Trained in graphic design, No-Domain crew has grown into a multidisciplinary studio, located in Barcelona, that thinks that strong concepts are their major strength, and through their work as videojockeys is where they can freely use all of their boundless creativity in the form of visual, twisted and technical pop.



SonarSound NY - Tuesday, 12th May

All performances are free

from 8pm to 1am
Baryshnikov Arts Center NYC
450 West 37th Street
New York, NY 10018



Institut Ramon Llull
Baryshnikov Arts Center NYC